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Population Delivery is a resource management game. Help Eddie earn his pay as you collect and house Grunlets for delivery, face a variety of levels and challenges along the way. But things are not all quite what they seem, a dark presence lurks in the work force...


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the game looks awesome but I’m not sure my trash tier laptop turns on so I can’t try it out.  EDIT: I almost forgot but third...part two?

Heyyyy.... Pretty good! I probably shouldnt comment because i didnt even pass the second level (one time i almost made it!) but who cares? I... Kinda...

Well this game is pretty nice, ocasionally hectic and stressful but if youre good at planning and multitasking then this shouldnt be too hard.

If you need suggestions then the option to destroy a tile and get half of your money back would be preety nice. Like idk hold RMB on it for 2 seconds or something. Maybe also make the warning signs appear below the money counter? Im sure theres a sound but im playing without it. An upgrade station would be kinda cool, because id imagine at the end you will have some pretty big maps and a speed upgrade would be helpfull (if its there then sorry i only completed the tutorial :c), and a boomerang speed/range upgrade would also be pretty nice. (Also did you know that the game maker community has its own discord? I know now).(Also (one of my parasite words) Why did you remove the other game? Foreshadowing? Reworking?)

I'm reworking the other game. I've heard the same suggestions from multiple people (removing tiles, upgrades to speed/boomerang) so I'm definitely gonna look into doing a shop of sorts. I'll add an extra warning sign somewhere on the screen to indicate stuff. Thank you for the feedback!

No problemo!

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Wait a second... Why did you remove the other other (Zombie) game? Did the files get corrupted or something? Are you really unhappy on how it was going? I just checked your youtube channel and i cant find videos of it... Im confused... (Maybe you should have posted a post? You know like you can do this on youtube.)

EDIT: Why did you need to rework the other game? Sorry if im asking too much questions :/ .

EDIT2 (I just cant have enough can i? This is not a question though): I know a game with source code from where i learned some stuff in GM and its called wasteland kings, so if you want to see the source code theres the link: https://gamedesignerkid.blogspot.com/2016/02/wasteland-kings-source-code.html

I'm just reworking stuff

Oh... Ok. Just a tip (more of a request maybe?) dont fear failiures. If something bad happens you dont always need to hide all the traces of it, because in the future you might just look and laugh at them. (I might have just flooded you with questions, sorry :< ).